Stop the Deer Damage in 2019
Restoring the environment - Protecting our property - Saving lives

“Our Liberties we prize and our rights we will Maintain”

“Our Liberties we prize and our rights we will Maintain”

Should any person, in any state, be required to have any destructive state government Deer on their private property, while they make money off hunting on your property? If you complain they will want YOU to spend YOUR time and money to stop them.

State owned deer destroy more property, carry more destructive diseases such as Lyme disease, kill more people, up to 200 per year, injure thousands more, and destroy more of our native habitat than any other animal.  Why would any state government think we have to permit these animals on our private property? No one has to.

This site is dedicated to the thousands of persons killed and injured, tens of thousands of businesses damaged and destroyed and the billions of dollars damage done to our environment caused by the overpopulation of deer.

If  you have over populations of deer on your property, and have seen the damage and destruction they have caused.  You may have tried the state government fixes, or a variety of other measures, but it does not stop the deer damage unless you remove the deer.  Are you are now ready to protect your property under the State constitution and reduce the number of deer on your property to what you want, like we do in Iowa?



Time for celebration as the State of Iowa has not charged any landowner or state government in the state for shooting deer at any time, to protect their person or property the last 12 years.  It looks like Iowa County Attorneys, legislators, and the Iowa DNR has decided to uphold their Oath of Office and allow people to protect their property.  You never need permission, pay any government money, or need a hunting license to use your constitutional rights.  I have estimated to have prevented over $2,750,000. in current and future damage from deer to my property, and I spend less than $50.00 per year to do this, and I never put up any fence, as you are never required to do that by state law, us constitution 13th amendment or with our program.

K. Kelly

"The right to protect person and property is a constitutionally
protected right, if you have to pay the government,
or get permission for it, then it becomes a government
granted privilege".


According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics,deer are responsible for or involved in around 1 million collisions with automobiles and motorcycles each year, killing 200 Americans, causing more than 10,000 injuries and $3 billion in vehicle damage, like the one below.

Iowa Governor Branstad & staff are alright after SUV hits deer

May 02, 2012 10:55 PM CDT


Officials say Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds are alright after their SUV hit a deer on Interstate 35 in Central Iowa Wednesday.  3 deer entered the roadway and the driver hit the brakes avoiding two of them but hit the third.  The deer has killed.....

A spokesman for the Governor says Branstad, Reynolds and longtime aide Margaret Hough were returning to Des Moines from an event in Eldora Wednesday afternoon when the accident happened north of Story City.  Damage estimated to the Chevy Tahoe is $8000.00


 Everything shown on this site is free as no person should never have to pay to use there constitutional rights.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to stop the deer damage to your private property by government (deer) livestock.

 ------Deer habits and Damage section starts it all----

We have no intention of telling any person how many deer they want to have on their private property.  You can spend as much of your time, money or property as you want, to have state owned deer, and the damage and diseases they cause, on your private property.


If we do not exercise our constitutional rights, it makes it so much easier for the government to legislate or through civil prosecution them away, as they tried to do to me.

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