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Remember that Oath you took, and the piece of paper you signed that stated you would support the constitution of the state of Iowa.  Click here to see one.

The current Iowa DNR director will not allow anyone to protect their property when we ask him under the rules of the code of Iowa and Iowa Supreme court rulings. (see letters on depredation page.)

Deer hunting rules and the deer depredation program have never and will never be able to stop the deer damage on private property. At one time deer needed protection from hunting, but that time has passed and now it is people and their property that need protection.

The state of Iowa owns over 363,000 acres of land, and the Army corps of engineers owns hundreds of thousands more.   The Iowa DNR manages these lands. I have no objection to how many deer or other animals they have on State or Federal property.  But why do you think Private Property Owners have to permit destructive government livestock (deer) on our private property, which we receive no compensation?  We cannot take any of our animals to public property and let them eat or destroy your property (See below).  It is time this is changed to comply with the constitution right of "protecting property".

Iowans expect legislators to uphold a persons right to protect there lives and property and/or pass legislation so no person has to go to court to prove they have a constitutional right to protect their property from destructive deer.

Supreme law--constitutionality of acts. SECTION 1. This constitution shall be the supreme law of the state, and any law inconsistent therewith, shall be void. The general assembly shall pass all laws necessary to carry this constitution into effect.

Legislators, please change the law listed below in Iowa:

Code of Iowa 481A.1 section 20

"fur-bearing animals" means the following which are declared to be fur-bearing animals for the purpose of regulation and protection under the code:  beaver, badger, mink, otter, muskrat, raccoon, skunk, opossum, spotted skunk or civet cat, weasel, coyote, bobcat, wolf, groundhog, red fox, and gray fox.  This chapter does not apply to domesticated fur-bearing animals.

Just ad the word deer and rabbit to the above section 481A.1, then the below Section 481A.87 would allow the removal at any time, on private property the most destructive animals in Iowa (deer), as needed and allow the ending of all deer depredation officer positions ($500,000 saved) 5 lives would be saved, and 50 injuries would be prevented, from the reduction of motor vehicle accidents with deer the first year and every year after that.

Iowans would have an immediate 100 million dollars or more in there pockets by stopping the deer damage to there property and health, as deer are estimated to do over $275 million in damage per year.  I believe 1000 new rural businesses would be created by fruit and vegetable growers, orchards, vineyards, Christmas and tree farms and 100,00 acres of new reforestation and buffers would result in Iowa.  Also their is the additional tax money that the state would receive as a result of this simple action of one word.

Plus all the deer hunters, state and private property owners who want deer can still have as many deer as they want on there private property.    


Code of Iowa 48lA.87  OPEN SEASONS

Except as otherwise provided, a person shall not take, capture, kill, or have in its possession a fur-bearing animal or any of its parts at any time except during the open season as set by the commission except where the killing, trapping, or ensnaring is for the protection of a person, or public, or private property with the prior permission of a duly appointed representative of the commission.  If prior permission is impractical or impossible to obtain and the fur-bearing animal represents a threat to a person, domestic animal, or private property, the fur-bearing animal may be taken without prior permission.  All fur-bearing animals and all parts thereof taken as provided in this section shall be disposed of on the site or shall be relinquished to a representative of the commission.

Current law about privately owned animals on State Property:

Code of Iowa 461A.45 Animals on leash.

No privately owned animal shall be allowed to run at large in any state park or preserve or upon lands or in waters owned by or under the jurisdiction of the commission except by permission of the commission. Every such animal shall be deemed as running at large unless the owner carries such animal or leads it by a leash or chain not exceeding six feet in length, or keeps it confined in or attached to a vehicle.


We need a new section in the code that states:

State Animals on private property:

No state owned animal shall be allowed to run at large on any privately owned property except by the permission of the owner.  Any state animal running at large on private property that the landowner considers a threat to a person, domestic animal, or private property, can be removed/killed by the landowner or any person authorized by them.  All animals and all parts thereof taken as provided in this section shall be disposed of on the site.

"No persons property, life, job or money is safe while Legislators, Juries, or Judges are in session." 

K. Kelly