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Over populations of deer have become such a menace that people have tried all sorts of things to stop the deer damage.  Sprays, repellents, noise cannons, dogs, state sectioned hunting, depredation programs, but these and other ideas can never stop the deer damage. Only one thing works—reduction of deer numbers.

The only logical solution to the problem is to reduce the number of deer on your private property to what you want it to be.  If you have over one deer per 100 acres of deer habitat (not crop fields), you have an overpopulation of deer on your property, along with the damage they cause according to the Iowa DNR study of 1998.

You are under no obligation to participate in any state program (Hunting or depredation program) on your private property.  In Iowa you do not have to participate in the Depredation program, have a hunting license, or allow state sanctioned hunting on your property to shoot deer to protect your property.

No person that I have talked to has ever stopped the deer damage threw a State hunting or deer depredation program and some have been on there program for over 10 years.  State Governments do not want to reduce the Government livestock (deer) on your property, to what the land can sustain as this would reduce the income from the over populations of deer that private landowners feed and provide a place for them to live. They do not care about your life, health, rights, or property, I do.

Compare our program to the Iowa deer depredation program

IDDP- Iowa Deer Depredation Program/ STDD= Stop The Deer Damage-STDD

  1. Must allow state sanctioned hunting on your private property. IDDP-YES STDD-NO

2. Valid for all Iowa landowners. IDDP-NO (ONLY 10% QUALIFY) STDD-YES

3. All landowners qualify Can remove both sexes of deer. IDDP-NO (Does only, Must pay a multitude of fees to remove the deer. Up to $70 for the first one.)

4. Must have $1000 of damage to qualify for the program. IDDP-YES STDD-NO ($28. ONLY)

 5. Damage to your property is determined by the landowner. IDDP- NO (STATE DETERMINES)
STDD- YES (Valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

6. Use any firearm, archery, spear, knife, or rock to protect property. IDDP-NO STDD-YES

7. Valid for other persons to kill deer. IDDP-YES STDD- YES

8. Effective to stop the deer damage. IDDP-NO STDD-YES

With our program you will have the most success at stopping the deer damage, in the least amount of time, for the lowest cost, than any other method.


"When injustice becomes law, then resistance becomes duty."

T. Jefferson