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 We had been in the Iowa DNR depredation program for almost 10 years with tens of thousands of dollars of deer damage being done to our property.  We had spent thousands more for depredation permits with little reduction in damage to our property.  "Stop the deer damage" changed all of that.  We shot 52 deer the first weekend and 23 more the two weeks after that.  We have reduced our deer damage by over 90% because we have reduced the deer by the same amount.  We now keep the deer numbers low year around and still have plenty of deer left for "hunting" season.  

NE Iowa farmer

 We had a windbreak we were trying to get established, the deer were coming in at night and eating and buck rubbing on our trees, destroying many of them.  We contacted the Iowa DNR to see if something could be done. They said we did not qualify for any state depredation program.  "Stop the deer damage" showed us how to remove deer at night using a spotlight and rifle year around, under our constitutional right to protect our property.  We had almost given up on our windbreak, but now it is doing fine.

Iowa landowner

 I have been protecting my property from deer for many years using your program.  Recently two DNR officers came to my place and started accusing me of poaching deer and threatening me with all kinds of things.  Someone must have turned me in, as many people know what I do.  I remembered your web site and what you say to remain silent and NOT answer any questions or comment on anything they say.  I remained silent for several minutes, while they talked.  I kept my composure and the only thing I could think to say was: "Stop the deer damage".  They stopped talking, got in their SUV and discussed something.  I decided to get my camera, as you recommend.  Before I could get some pictures, they left and have not come back.  Your program works, and I continue to protect my property.

Iowa Grain Farmer

"All tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for people of good conscience ~to 
remain silent" 

Thomas Jefferson